25th Jan 2008 Rock Culture' 100,7 on  Luxembourg Radio''

100,7 Website
Paul Crook was a special guest on the Show
HERE is part of Marya's new EP '21?' which was played for the very first time!
Here's 'Paul's Interview on Rock Culture'
The show lasted almost two hrs. But a lot of it was spent with the interviewers talking in foreign in between Paul's interview. It was all about Paul and the artists featured in the interview. But unfortunately I have no idea what they said so it has been left out of the recording.


Anthrax: "Random Acts Of Senseless Violence"
Sebastian Bach: "Counterpunch"
M.O.D: "The Rebel You Love To Hate"
Paul Crook & Randy Flowers: "White MnMs"
Meat Loaf: Two Out Of Three
Paul Crook: "We Will Rock You"
Patti Russo: "Fight"
Marya Roxx: "EP 21"

Meat Loaf: "Seize The Night"

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