This competition is now closed. The winners are:
Bloodflowerz from Basel, Sandra from Poland, Artur from Poland, Anna Mars from Poland, Algmina Bružaitė from Lithuania
Thanks to everybody who entered. Visit here often for more competitions and up to date news!
I have five signed copies of Marya's EP '21?' to give away. All you have to do for a chance to win, is to answer these ten questions. All the answers can be found somewhere on this site. All correctly answered entries will be entered into a random drawing. Send all entries to:
1. Which venue are Marya and the band playing at every Tue and Wed night during April?
2. Who is the new touring bassist with Marya Roxx?
3. Name the four tracks on Marya's new EP?
4. What showcase is Marya doing in LA in April?
5. Name two bands that John Miceli played with before joining Marya's band?
6.Which radio station aired '21?!' for the very first time?
7. Which two people's birthday party did Marya and Paul attend in Feb at 'The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
8.Which member of the group SLAYER is Marya photographed with at the After Show Party for the Classic Rock Awards in London last Nov?
9. Marya came in 7th in what contest in 2002?
10. Who is the only person besides Marya to appear both on the album and in live performances?
THE CLOSING DATE IS 10TH MAY 2008 or when all 5 cds have been won