Maarja Kivi was born in Estonia. Maarja has been singing all her life. Marya won The Estonian singing contest for children “Laulukarusell 1993” (in English “Singing Carousel”) organized by Estonian National Television), she also won it 1994 and 1998. In 1997 Marya won the  TV 3 contest “Tähtede laul” (in English “Song of Stars”). Marya studied saxophone for 8 years and also plays piano and bass.

Marya's career really started when she entered the 2002 Eurolaul to find the Estonian entry for The 'Eurovision Contest. She came 7th in this contest. The same year Marya joined an all girl pop/rock band as one of the solo singers and also played bass. The band very quickly became successful in Estonia. Their first album sold more than 20,000 copies (population 1,3 million) and was an audience favourite at the Estonian Eurovison contest in 2003. In 2004 the band had a striking success at international arenas. In 2004 their first international album reached gold and platinum in Germany Austria, Switzerland (sold more than 200,000 albums). The albums was released in many countries around the world: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic etc. In 2004 Marya left to pursue her solo career.

In 2006 Marya had a hit with 'Could You' which reached number 35 in the Swiss charts and reached  the top 50 in the German charts! It was also played in the USA on the TV channel IMF. Marya released her second single 'Shine It On' in 2006.  It had three tracks and reached number 16 in an MTV top 20 and reached the top 50 in the German Charts!.

Marya writes her own songs and in in 2007 she joined forces with 'Kevin Shirley' and in July 2007 recorded her EP '21?' in Malibu, CA with a very talented group of musicians. Marya is now with EAA/Ram Music. The end of 2007 also saw Marya's change of name from 'Marjaa' to 'Marya'. The year 2008 will bring great things for Marya Roxx and her fans! With the album being released worldwide and lots of shows to look forward to.