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DEC 2008:
29th Dec: DJ Evil Joker from  Extreme Full Throttle Radio played all 4 of Marya's songs from her EP yesterday! Check the site often as they will be promoting Marya on air a lot and they have a very cool chat room that you can go in to talk to the DJs, Artists / band members from groups they play and other fans. Marya has even said she will be going in next time!! There are two threads on Marya's Forum about this and DJ Evil Joker joined the forum and posted thanks to everyone!
28th Dec: Here's a cool online review on OBLIVION Metal and Gothic magazine. You can find a translation for it on Marya's Official Forum!
Marya has been nominated in 3 categories in the Maveric Music Awards!  Please vote in all email addresses to help Marya win this! You can vote for Marya in all 3 Categories HERE Make sure you reply to the conformation email for your vote to count!
NOV 2008:
23rd Nov:
An interview that Marya did with WRKC last month, was broadcast last night @ 1pm Eastern time (9pm UK) mms://streams.kings.edu/WRKC_FM
From Marya's Official Website:
You can vote for Marya (Estonia artist/song) - R2 Year Hit 2008 till 3rd Jan 2009
Marya Roxx songs to vote for: 21?!, Rebel, Nothing Going On, Oh Yeah
See this thread on Marya's Official Forum for more information.
Marya posted a new Diary Entry on her Official Forum about the 'Guns N Roses Listening Party' that she attended this week. You have to be logged in to read this entry.
10th Nov:
Marya's very cool new video for '21?!' is now available on Marya's youtube channel
7th Nov:
You can download the interview Marya did with NTL Rock Radio HERE
6th Nov:
NTL Rock Radio are featuring Marya tonight - Thurs 6th Nov @ 9pm EST (2am GMT)
2nd Nov:

Check out this link here and try to register and vote and then add this voting link to everywhere were possible! and hopefully everyone can vote as much as possible, daily one per user! VOTING CLOSES ON 28th SEPT! so get as many votes in before than as possible!



I am the one woman who can rock the fuck out of all the Crue fans! I'll give em' some good Roxx while their waiting for their men to come on!!!
Motley needs me to warm their ravenous fans because after I'm done with them they'll be ready to be whipped into a Crue frenzy!

There's also a great video of Marya live at 'The House Of Blues' singing 'Loverboy'

SEPT 2008:

24th Sept: 'LOPSIDED WORLD OF L' have Rebel on their playlist and played it last Sunday! 98KUPD
15th Sept: Marya now has an Official Street Team! To join go HERE
7th Sept:
Marya has posted quite a few posts on her Official Forum Don't forget if you join before the end of Sept you get a free download of '21?!'
Marya posted two blogs to her myspace Ready Steady GO GREEN! and www.metalheadradio.com added my songs to their playlist!
4th Sept: Marya's Official Website is revamped and back online!

2nd Sept: Marya now has her own 'Official Forum' if you join before the end of Sept 'EVERYONE' will receive an mp3 of '21?!' Also 1 winner will win lots of merchandise. Join the forum to find out more!

AUG 2008:

29th Aug: www.hardrockradiolive.com is playing Marya's music! DJ Badslayer interviewed Marya and this interview will be on air this Saturday August 30th

2 pm ET, 11am Pacific, 7 pm UK, 8pm Germany, Poland, Austria, 9 pm Estonia etc. Please check your time zone and stay tuned!



XM Radio now has a easy way to request '21?!' Click HERE to request '21?!'


Marya Featured on XM Radio!


XM Radio is featuring 21?! Click on the picture below to listen. If you aren't already a subscriber, then you can sign up for free 14-day trial.


www.deltaradio.co.uk this radio station loves Marya's music. If we all email them that want to listen to marya etc….maybe they add it to the playlist!

JULY 2008:

21!? is now in rotation at Girls Rock Radio:

Marya can be found on 'BASS GIRLS INTERNATIONAL'

2nd July: Marya posted a new blog on her Myspace called 'June 2008'

JUNE 2008:

Rebel' was played on episode #10 of HIGH VOLTAGE ROCK - "Wonderful WINO (High Voltage rock Website)


26th June: See Marya Roxx International for two more winners of the 'Interview with Marya' competition!


22nd June: The winners have been announced on Marya Roxx International. Well done to everyone who won a signed cd!


2nd June: Marya posted two new blogs on her Myspace today:

Camp Freddy! Roxy, Hollywood May 29th

Simon Restaurant & Lounge Palms Place Las Vegas


Marya Roxx International has posted the 'Interview with Marya' on their website!

MAY 2008:

18th May: Download Marya wallpaper for your cell phones HERE

Marya posted two more  blogs to her myspace today!


13th May: Marya posted two blogs to her myspace today!

Vegas Rocks April edition, magazine article HERE


12th May: Picture and blurb added to Musexpo 2008


11th May: More pictures added to 'Key Club' page


10th May: Show tonight at 'Divebar' in Las Vegas - With Pearl!

Pictures added from 'Key Club'  5th May 2008


9th May: Pictures added from 'The Joint'  30th Apr 2008


8th May: Show tonight at 'Divebar' in Las Vegas


5th May: 'The Key Club' With Metal Skool! - Pictures and video coming soon!

APR 2008:

30th Apr: 'The  Joint' LA - Pictures and video coming soon!


28th Apr: The '10 Questions' competition is now closed. All CD'S have been won and you can find the winners HERE




27th Apr: Marya and the band have a short notice show in LA this week. Wed, April 30th @ 10pm The Joint 8771 W. Pico Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90035. See tour dates page for more info


Last chance to win a signed copy of '21?!' 1 more copy left, so hurry and get your answers in!


21st Apr: New competition to win a signed copy of '21?' EP. Closing date 10th May 2008 or when all 5 cds have been won


20th Apr: Closing date for The Interview with Marya


13th Apr: Dive Bar pictures added from the show on the 10th April - Pictures Copyright Chuck Khoury

Dive Bar pictures added from the show on the 10th April - Pictures Copyright Joe Libretti

Dive Bar pictures added from the show on the 9th April - Pictures Copyright Joe Libretti

More Dive Bar pictures from the 4th April added


6th Apr: Dive Bar pictures from the 2nd April added


5th Apr: Marya has posted a blog about a radio interview she did at Indie 103,1 Radio Station in Los Angeles, CA. You can find some pictures HERE


Marya has added a blog to her myspace about a interview with her with the fans!. I've added  more info about this HERE! Marya also says about Daniel's great fansite @ MARYAROXX.NET (The new home of Marya Roxx International) Check it out, it has many cool things there.



Dive Bar pictures from the 4th April added


2nd / 3rd Apr: Marya will be doing two shows in a row  @ 'Divebar' in Las Vegas


I've added a new page with the MUSEXPO 2008 info HERE

MAR 2008:

27th Mar:

some great pictures from Aaron have been added to the Dive Bar picture page from 20th Mar 2008


Show tonight at 'Divebar' in Las Vegas


22nd Mar:

Show tonight at Rox Club in Las Vegas


21st Mar:

Marya posted two new blogs on myspace about Joey joining the band, The 'Totally band' TV show and the 2nd Dive bar show.


Press Statement HERE about new bassist Joey Vera.


Dive Bar pictures from last night HERE


'21?' Now available on i-tunes


20th Mar:

HERE'S some very cool pictures from the TV recording of 'TOTALLY BAND in VEGAS' yesterday. with some great shots of 'Joey Vera'


Marya will be playing at Dive Bar in Las Vegas tonight


18th Mar:

Marya and the band will be performing three songs on tomorrow's 'Totally Band in Vegas' TV show.  They will be playing '21?' 'Rebel and 'Oh Yeah'  Hopefully the show will turn up on the internet!!


There has been a change in the band line up. See band page for more info


14th Mar:

Marya has posted on her blog about last nights show. She also said that they will be playing at Divebar every Wed and Thurs through April! Marya has also added 18 pictures from last nights show to her blog that you can also find HERE


Rock Out Loud has '21?' on their playlist!

If you search the net you can find Marya on many more playlists!


13th Mar:



Lyrics and audio clips have now been added for all four songs on the EP


Marya and the band will be playing at 'Divebar' in Las Vegas tonight


7th Mar:

Cool pictures from Rox Club!


6th Mar:

Marya and the band played their first gig at 'Rox Club' in Las Vegas tonight!


3rd Mar:

After a short break Marya and the band will be back to rehearsals this week before the first show on the 6th at Rox Club!


1st Mar

The track list for the new EP has been added to maryaroxx.com


01. 21?!
02. Oh Yeah
03. Rebel
04. Nothing Going On


Marya's EP "21?!" will be released in the USA in March 2008

FEB 2008:

28th Feb:

Three new dates have been added in March @ Dive Bar in Las Vegas, see tour dates for more info


24th Feb:

Marya posted on her blog that she will be doing concerts in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, her home country Estonia and everywhere else! Very cool news...


22nd Feb:

Marya's Official website is online now, check it out @ www.maryaroxx.com


21st Feb:

Marya has posted on her Blog that her first show will be at the aptly named 'Rox club' in Las Vegas! 'Rox Club' has Marya listed for three dates 6th Mar, 22nd Mar and the 2nd May. Check Tour Dates page for more Marya shows.


10th Feb:

Marya, Renee, Paul Crook and Paul's wife Kristie attended Vince Neil's Birthday Party in Las Vegas


Feb 2008:

Marya and the band are in Las Vegas for rehearsals during Feb (All rehearsal news & pics HERE)

Band line up: Paul Crook - Guitar. John Miceli - Drums. Wayne Carver - Bass


1st Marya Roxx tour date has been announced for 5th May 2008 @ The Key Club in LA

JAN 2008

JAN 26th:

'21?' Lyrics added


JAN 25th:

Paul Crook interviewed on 'Rock Culture' ('21?' Aired on the show)

DEC 2007:

Maarja Kivi changed her name to Marya Roxx

NOV 2007:

Maarja, Renee & Paul Crook went to The Classic Rock Award's in London

JULY 2007:

5th July

Marya recorded her new album at the Document Room in Malibu, CA