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Marya's Official website and Forum are doing such a great job of keeping the fans informed of all the latest news that I see no need for me to keep updating these news pages. So from now on unless it's my own Marya news or something that hasn't been added anywhere else I'm going to let the official sites keep you all updated! So check out Marya's news page on and check Marya's Official Forum
JUNE 2009:
You can now find lots of my Euro Tour 2009 pictures on Marya's Official Forum They are in lots of the review threads and galleries
MAY 2009:
Visit and Marya's Official Forum for all the latest on the European Tour 2009!
APR 2009:
28th Apr: Lots more pictures from hammerfest  added to the gallery on Maryas Official Forum
26th Apr: I've added a few of the pics I took of Marya at Hammerfest to Marya's Official Forum. More soon :-)
23rd Apr: Marya has been confirmed for Hard Rock Hell 3, Dec 4th - 6th 2009. See Marya's Diary entry and myspace Blog  for more information.
2nd Apr: Chat with Marya in the forum chat room at 10am Pacific time & 6pm GMT! If you aren't already a member, you will need to join to access the chat. (News from
MAR 2009:
23rd Mar: Some cool pictures of Marya at The Mavric Awards can be in the gallery on Marya's Official Forum.
14th Mar: The very lovely and talented Danny Miranda will be playing bass on the European Tour. You can find Danny on Facebook and Myspace.
13th Mar: You can now find Marya on Twitter!
11th Mar: Marya has been confirmed for Hammerfest 2009! See Marya's Diary and Myspace Blog for more news. (News from
9th Mar: Marya and the band are in Vegas rehearsing for the upcoming European Tour.
read all about it in Marya's Diary and Myspace Blog. You can find pictures in the gallery on Marya's Official Forum. I was lucky enough to be at the rehearsals so lots more pictures and videos coming soon!
FEB 2009:
26th Feb: Here is some very exciting news! Marya has posted on her website, in her diary and on myspace that she will be doing 20 shows as special guest to Lafee in May! See all three links for more details. You can also find the tour dates HERE
23rd Feb: Marya won two awards at the Mavric Awards last night! 21?! won the best Hard Rock award and Rebel won the best Punk song award! You can read more about it on in Marya's Official Website, Marya's Diary and Marya's Myspace blog
18th Feb: Marya is on 'Pick The Band' See Marya's Forum or Website for more details
17th Feb: 'Rock Of Ages Fest' has been postponed. See HERE for more details
14th Feb: Marya's Official Street Team have added a cool video from Maareja @ The Charity Football event that Marya took part in, to their youtube channel
12th Feb:  Zac Tell the Lead singer from Clawfinger has wrote a cool blog about Marya singing '21?!' and has made a very cool video to go with it. See Marya's Official Forum for more details.
5th Feb:  I've added three different interviews from last yr to the Audio Section
4th Feb:  Marya and lots of her fans are now on 'The Metal Network' It's a very cool website and It's yet another great way to support Marya!
View my page on THE METAL NETWORK
3rd Feb: 'Rock Of Ages Fest' Press release now on Blabbermouth Log in to leave comments.
2nd Feb: The 'Rock Of Ages Fest' has released a PRESS RELEASE about the show.
JAN 2009:
31st Jan: Marya's Official Street Team can now be found on YOUTUBE. Please add them to friends, subscribe to their channel and leave lots of comments to support them!
7th Jan Marya has been confirmed to play day two of 'Rock Of Ages Fest', in Swansea, UK
You can find more info HERE or on Marya's Official Forum, Website and Myspace

Rock Of Ages Fest can be found on MYSPACE

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